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Hasan at the Ariel Awards

June 28th 2024

We proudly announce that Hasan Estudio has collaborated in five projects that are nominated for the Ariel Awards . This award ceremony recognizes the best of Mexican filmmaking including best direction, actresses and actors, makeup, and sound amongst other categories. 

Nominees for the Ariel Awards were announced on June 19th, 2024. This award ceremony consists of 24 categories that recognize the best of Mexican filmmaking including best direction, actresses and actors, makeup, and sound amongst others. This time around we proudly announce that Hasan Estudio has collaborated in five projects that are nominated for the categories:

  • “Best Animated Short”

  • “Best Short: Documentary” 

  • “Best Short: Fiction”

  • “Best Sound” 

The nominees for the “Best Animated Short” category are:

“Emme y Sus Días Mutantes” 

Directed by Diego Acevedo

In a post-apocalyptic world where vegetation and animals have mutated, Emme a 12-year-old girl, tries to find a cure for the mutation that is now affecting her while surviving alone.


Directed by Rita Basulto

Daniel is a boy who's traveling on a train accompanied by his mother, and his best friend Darío, but they’re headed into a dark place where there’s no magic, only loss and pain. 

“La canción del lago”

Directed by Carlos Alberto Sallas Becerra and Beatriz Ariana Navarrete Ledesma

An old fisherman plays a beautiful hunting song in the calm waters of a lake until a weird creature bites his fish hook.

“La vieja y el cuervo” 

Directed by María Lucía Bayardo Dodge

Larisa is a curious girl who watches a crow who comes near the window of her old neighbor and delivers her an object. Arming herself with courage, Larisa sets on discovering what is this mysterious object in her neighbor's home. 


Directed by Diego Alonso Sánchez de la Barquera Estrada Christian Arredondo Narváez

Noma is a white fluffy cloud that realizes her daughter Mixtli has become into a dark tormentous cloud, unable to understand each other they immerse themselves in an emotional journey. 


Directed by Denise Raquel Roldán Alcalá

Camille is a small lonely girl who decides to cook some cupcakes to make friends but when things get out of her hands, several emotional conflicts appear and they seem to be too much for a girl who only wants to make some friends.

Hasan Estudio is honored to have been part of Camille’s team crafting sound for such an exceptional, and unique project with the Mixing done by Juan Antonio Pacheco.


In the category of “Best Short: Documentary” the nominees are: 


Directed by  Carlos Hernández Vázquez

A group of prisoners at a maximum security facility share their childhood wounds, as well as the ones they have inflicted on others. Sharing their experiences reminds them of why they should keep living on.

“Huachinango Rojo” 

Directed by Cinthya Lizbeth Toledo Cabrera

A short film that denounces the injustice and rights violation of several abused women who find it common to be revictimized because most of these cases seem to be prosecuted as isolated cases and not as a problem with common ground. 

“KeMonito: La última caída”

Directed by Teresa de Miguel Escribano

This is the story of a Lucha Libre icon and how his life changes when he takes off his mask and comes down the ring. Even though his dream is to retire from the sport due to health issues, KeMonito struggles to leave because he knows he will put his family in a vulnerable situation.

Hasan is grateful to have collaborated with the Supervising Sound Design by César González Cortés and Mixing by Alejandro Díaz for such a touching story as KeMonito: La Última Caída.


Directed by  Pablo Cruz Villalba

Four habitants from the Selva Maya notice how their culture is being menaced, and probably will be exterminated if they do not act soon. The conservation of their culture is similar to the transplant and growth of a ceiba tree.


Directed by Natalia Bermúdez

Rodrigo is trying to rehabilitate from a drug addiction that has left him with physical and moral consequences. He decides to return home to the north of Mexico, while her sister Natalia comes along recording his process. 

Hasan Estudio had the pleasure of being part of the post-production team for Norte, this story captivated us from the start and left us with mixed feelings that were reflected in our work of Supervising Sound Editing done by César González Cortés. 


The nominees in the category of “Best Short: Fiction” are: 

“El color de la habitación”

Dirigido por Iván Löwenberg

Ramiro is an adult with autism who used to live with his mother Aurora, until one day he has to move into Elsa’s house, a friend of his mother. Will this change be temporary? and if it’s not, what and how will be the relationship between Ramiro and Elsa?. 

“Chica de fábrica”

Directed by Selma Cervantes

Inés is a factory worker, she and her workmates get pregnancy checkups regularly by orders of the company. When she finds out she’s pregnant, she will do everything she can to keep it a secret and don’t get fired.  


Directed by Hoze Meléndez

Ángel is a sex worker who becomes the muse of Lú, a homosexual young aspiring artist. When their unexpected relationship ends, Lú will learn that letting go might be the purest act of love.


Directed by Fanie Soto

A short film that aims to showcase the “different Mexicos inside México” a documentary that deals with social, emotional, and personal topics protagonized by actress Luisa Huertas.  


Directed by Natalia Bermúdez

Renata is a young talented swimmer with a secret, she is keeping a relationship with Liliana, her coach who is way older than her. When the state finals come around the fine line between love and abuse becomes blurred.

Hasan Estudio also worked in the post-production for Apnea, our second collaboration with director Bermúdez, with Supervising Sound Editing done by Juan Antonio Pacheco and Mixing by César González Cortés.


Finally, in the category for “Best Sound” the nominees are:

“Todo El Silencio”

Miguel Hernández 

Mario Martínez Cobos

Liliana Villaseñor 

Miriam is passionate about theatre but her life is about to change when she notices she’s losing her hearing. Frustrated, she feels angry with herself and those around her until Manuel, a co-worker who’s been deaf since birth, teaches her that not being able to hear is just another way to see and live in the world.

“Desaparecer Por Completo”

José Miguel Enríquez

António Pórem Pires

Federico González Jordán

Santiago Mendoza is a sensationalist crime photographer who is ambitious and unsensible. After visiting a crime scene and taking some morbid images Santiago becomes ill with a mysterious sickness that is making him lose his senses one by one.


Raúl Locatelli

Erik Clauss

Luis is an indigenous teenager who decides to get into the Heroic Military College so he can offer a better chance at life to his family, and secure his future. Once inside, he and his mates are confronted by the reality of being subjected to a strict hierarchical system where the veteran's only purpose is to humiliate the new recruits.

“El Eco”

Lena Esquenazi

Martin de Torcy

Jaime Baksht CAS

Michelle Couttolenc CAS

In a remote time where the Valley of Mexico is struggling with droughts and a harsh winter, children must adapt to be around love, sickness, and death. This story is about the distress that comes with the greatest fear of a child: growing up.


Rune Palving

Daniel Rojo Solís

Guido Berenblum

Sol is a 7-year-old girl planning her father’s birthday with her family when suddenly, as the night falls, a weird, unknown, and dark atmosphere gets a hold of the house they’re in menacing to sever her family ties.

“Temporada De Huracanes”

Sergio Díaz

Pablo Tamez Sierra

Carlos Cortés Navarrete

A group of teenagers find the corpse of La Bruja, a well-known, respected, and feared lady from La Matosa a ranch in Veracruz. Since then, the teenagers will discover the dark secrets that surround their community and its inhabitants.

“Lost In The Night”

Carlos E. García

Raúl Locatelli Michel Schöpping

Follow Emiliano as he tries to find her mother who was kidnapped by police agents. The need for revenge drives Emiliano to seek justice by his own hands, which ultimately leads him to meet the Aldama family, a group of wealthy people hiding lots of secrets.    

Hasan Estudio collaborated with additional sound design for Lost In the Night. We feel grateful for all the teachings this experience has given us and for the trust, the directors and their teams, have put into our work. 

We thank every director and congratulate all the nominees who’ve done an exceptional job, we wish them all the best for the upcoming award season. We also hope that the sound departments keep getting the recognition they deserve in such events as the Ariel Awards. Do not miss this event that will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 7th, 2024.

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