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Gasoline Rainbow: A road trip with friends in a van headed for the highway to adulthood.

Danae Correa

April, 30th 2024

“They are the forgotten youth from a forgotten town, but they have their freedom, and each other, throwing themselves into an unknown future.” - Rotten Tomatoes, 2024

Before life, as they know it takes a complete turn, five newly graduated high school students decide to leave behind the monotony of their small town in Oregon and embark on their last adventure together. Directed by the renowned filmmaking duo Bill and Turner Ross, this new story promises to take the audience on an unforgettable journey along 110 minutes of emotion and discovery. The film is a portrait of a new generation told in their own words. 

This journey spans over five hundred miles towards the Pacific Coast aiming to attend the Party at the End of the World. There’s no plan, but they do know one thing: enjoy their youth and spend a great time together before taking off onto the highway to adulthood.

This feature film will undoubtedly leave many with a feeling of nostalgia, reminding the audience of what it was like to be a teenager whose only concern is having fun and being with friends. This incredible story goes from an old van to a freight train, from a simple trip to a party boat. Along the way, our protagonists will forge friendships with quirky, interesting characters, that will make the audience want to take part in this journey into the wildest, and most authentic corners of the country.   


Gasoline Rainbow, is the latest work from the acclaimed directors whom are known for their distinctive style, and capacity to explore reality limits and mythology within the cinematographic narrative. With a unique focus that combines improvisation, and strictly planned elements, Bill and Turner Ross build a cinematic experience that defys conventions and submerge the spectator into a world where the discernible blends with the unexplainable.

This project hits another milestone for the Ross brothers, which filmography includes: "45365" (2009), "Tchoupitoulas" (2012), "Western" (2015), "Contemporary Color" (2017) and "Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets" (2020). Their unique and innovative style has earned them praise and recognition from the independent film industry, with awards, grants, and a work retrospective at the  prestigious Pompidou Center in Paris on 2023.

Gasoline Rainbow premiered during the Venice International Film Festival in 2023 where it was reviewed as a milestone for contemporary cinema. It won its first prize for Best Feature Film at Puntos de Encuentro: International Film Festival of Valladolid. Now, after its New York debut, the work of the Ross brothers continue capturing audiences through a cinematographic journey that explores the human condition, the beauty and the complexity of the world that surround us, and how our lives can be determined by the paths that we decide to take and build ourselves.  

The Sound Design Supervision for the film was made by César González Cortés, mixing was by Juan Antonio Pacheco and Jesús Arteaga, Hasan Studio was in charge of Sound Editing. Gasoline Rainbow represented a growth opportunity for Hasan Studio leaving a lasting mark on each member of the team. Just as the film portrayed a journey, we as a studio experienced the same; it was a journey finding the sound elements that fully encompass the essence of a road trip with friends.


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