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Corina: A story about overcoming our fears

Danae Correa

May, 31st 2024

Film funded by Programa Fomento al Cine Mexicano (FOCINE), and directed by Urzula Barba Hopfer tells the story of Corina a 28-year-old woman who struggles with agoraphobia. Corina never goes beyond two blocks away from her home: She goes from the nearby cafeteria, to her house, and from there to the editorial where she works as an editor.

After making a fatal error at the end of the most successful book series for her editorial Corina will have to confront her fears, with the help of Carlos, and embark on a journey to find a mysterious writer who might be able to save her and her team’s work.    

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that involves being afraid, and avoiding places or situations that trigger a sense of panic, enclosure, or shame. This phobia has appeared in several films that usually explore its impact on the life of those who suffer it. In Corina, the story showcases similar real-life situations from the director, which in return gives a truthful and honest perspective to the movie’s plot. 

The movie, set in the year 2000, was shot in the small town of Villa de Cuerambaro, Amatitlán in Guadalajara, Mexico. The director commented that the contextualization of the timeline of the story is essential to understand the framing and narrative of the conflict in the story.

“The audience will find an honest movie with endearing characters, this is not your typical romantic film, it has depth, heart, and a bit of comic relief. Despite showcasing difficult topics it handles them with an endearing lightness that makes you fall in love with each character”, says Urzula.

“Corina” will be present at Guadalajara’s International Film Festival (FICG) which will be held from June 7th - 15th of the present year. Produced by Mandarina Cine in collaboration with Cobra Films, Espectro Mx Film, and CM Films, this debut film competes against other 7 titles for a “Premio Mezcal”, one of the most prestigious awards at the festival. This award honors the best of Fiction Feature Films, and Mexican Documentaries; It will also compete against other 9 films for the “Hecho en Jalisco” award which recognizes feature films and documentaries made or directed by talent and teams exclusively from Jalisco.

The cast is led by Naian González Norvind, as the protagonist, and Cristo Fernández, as Carlos, who will help Corina defeat her fears. Gerardo Guerra is in charge of Photography, Ana Barroso is the Director of Costume Design, and Lou Perez Sandi is the Art Director. Other cast members include Carolina Politi, Mariana Giménez, Laura de Ita, and Gerardo Trejoluna.

We, at Hasan, are honored to have been part of this project in the Sound Department with members César González Cortés as Supervising Sound Editor. plus Juan Antonio Pacheco and Carlos Cortés as Re-Recording Mixers. 

Don’t miss “Corina” screenings at FICG: 

  • Saturday, June 8th, 17:30 hrs: Cineteca FICG at Universidad de Guadalajara

  • Sunday, June 9th , 20:40 hrs: Cineforo Universidad de Guadalajara

  • Monday, June 10th, 15:00 hrs: Cinépolis VIP Midtown, Sala 7

  • Friday, June 14th, 20:00 hrs: Museo Cabañas: Patio de los Naranjos

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