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"No nos moverán" and "Corina" win big at FICG

June 20th 2024

No Nos Moverán and Corina were recognized during the 39th edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival took place from June 7th to June 15th of the present year.

The 39th edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival took place from June 7th to June 15th of the present year. The event aims to support the Mexican national film industry and also recognizes the best of the Iberoamerican film industry giving awards to feature films, short films, and documentaries in several categories. Amongst this year's acclaimed winners were:

Premio Mezcal

  • Best Feature Film

The winner of this year's award was "No Nos Moverán" (Mexico) directed by Pierre Saint Martin, a film that follows the story of Socorro Castellanos, who has put her harmonious life with her family on hold because she wants to avenge the death of her brother Jorge killed during the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre.

At Hasan Estudio, we are deeply proud to have contributed to the creation of this feature film. It has been a project that has given us unique and memorable experiences, leaving an indelible mark on our team. "No Nos Moverán" consolidates itself as one of the most significant projects in the history of our studio.

  • Best Direction: 

Isabel Cristina Fregoso for "La Arriera" (Mexico).

  • Best Cinematography:

"La Arriera" photography by María Sarasvati Herrera.

  • Best Acting: 

Juan Ramón López for "Vergüenza" (Mexico) by Miguel Salgado.

  • Audience Award

"No Nos Moverán".

  • Young Jury Award

"Tratado de Invisibilidad" (Mexico), by Luciana Kaplan.

Honorary mention for Luisa Huertas' performance in "No Nos Moverán".


Ibero-American Fiction Feature Film

  • Best Feature Film:

"Pedágio" (Brazil-Portugal), by Carolina Markowicz.

  • Best Director 

Maju de Paiva, Bernardo Florim, for "Avenida Beira-Mar" (Brazil).

  • Best Cinematography

"Yo Vi Tres Luces Negras" (Colombia-Mexico-France-Germany), by Santiago Lozano Álvarez, cinematography by Juan Velásquez.

  • Best First Film 

"Fenómenos Naturales" (Cuba-Argentina-France), by Marcos Díaz Sosa.

  • Best Acting 

Maeve Jinkings, from "Pedágio".

  • Best Screenplay 

"Yo Vi Tres Luces Negras".

Honorary Mention was given to the film "Volveréis" (Spain-France), by Jonás Trueba.

Honorary Mention for Best New Actor went to Franklin Aro Huasco, from "El Ladrón de Perros" (Bolivia-Chile-Mexico-Ecuador-France-Italy).


Ibero-American Feature Documentary

This year's winner was "La Fabulosa Máquina de Cosechar Oro" (Chile-Países Bajos).

  • Best Direction: 

"La Hojarasca" (España), by Macu Machín.

  • Best Cinematography: 

"Las Almas" (Argentina), by Laura Basombrío.


Premio Maguey

  • Best Feature Film: 

"Pedágio" (Brazil-Portugal), by Carolina Markowicz.

  • Maguey Jury Prize: 

"Crossing" (Sweden-Denmark-France-France-Turkey-Georgia), by Levan Akin.

  • Maguey Award for Best Acting: 

Ensemble of "Los Amantes Astronautas" (Argentina-Spain).

Honorary Mention was given to the film "Avenida Beira-Mar" (Brazil), by Bernardo Florim and Maju de Paiva.


Made in Jalisco

The feature film that won this year's award was "Corina" (Mexico), by Urzula Barba Hopfner, which follows the story of Corina who is 20 years old and only leaves her home to work in a publishing house in the neighborhood where she lives. After making a serious mistake at the end of the company's most famous book series, Corina must overcome her fears, with the help of Carlos, and embark on a journey in search of a mysterious writer to save her work and that of her colleagues. 

It was an honor to have contributed to the sound design of such an incredible film as Corina. We’re thankful to Corina, its director, and their team who provided us with opportunities for growth in our work. 

  • Honorary Mention for Short Film: 

"La Carretera de los Perros" (Mexico), by Carlos Rueda.

  • Best Jalisco Short Film: 

Bumbumpapá (Mexico), by Alexis Gómez.


Socio-environmental Film Award

The award went to "The Battle for Laikipia" (Kenya-USA), by Daphne Matziaraki and Peter Murimi.

Two films received an honorary mention, which were: "Salvaxe, Salvaxe" (Spain), by Emilio Fonseca, and "Tongo Saa" (Democratic Republic of Congo-Belgium-Germany-Burkina Faso-Catar), by Nelson Makengo.


International Animated Feature Film

The winner of this award was "Flow" (Latvia-France-Belgium), by Gints Zilbalodis.

The honorary mention was dedicated to "Heavies Tendres" (Spain), by Juanjo Sáez, Carlos Pérez-Reche, and Joan Tomás Monfort.


Ibero-American Short Film

Who took this award this year was the short film "A Rosa Nasce Nas Pedras" by Sebastian Molina Ruiz. 

An honorary mention was given to the short film "Pesudo" by Miquel Díaz Pont.



Rigo Mora Award

This year, the Rigo Mora Award was given to the short film "The Family Portrait" (Croatia-France-Serbia), by Lea Vidakovic,

The short film "Percebes" (Portugal-France), by Alexandra Ramires and Laura Gonçalves received an honorary mention.

At Hasan we congratulate all the nominees and winners, wishing them the best for the rest of the awards season, and thanking those that trust in our work for the completion of their projects.

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